Airtel says of it offering 28GB for Rs 150 to post-paid users incorrect

Airtel says of it offering 28GB for Rs 150 to post-paid users incorrect
Airtel says of it offering 28GB for Rs 150 to post-paid users incorrect

Airtel says of it offering 28GB for Rs 150 to post-paid users incorrect, Nearly five hours after the story was published, Airte has said that news of the purported Rs 150 booster pack for 28GB, which would be offered to post-paid users, is completely incorrect. The company says that such news is not accurate and that such reports should not be written because they create confusion for consumers. Although before publishing the story India Today Tech had reached out to Airtel and had not received any denial at that time.We await more details from the company on this topic and will update again when we get them. In the meantime, it is possible that Telecom Talk, which first wrote about this alleged new offer, may have got it wrong and that Airtel has no plan for something like Rs 150 booster pack for 28GB. For now it seems that such an offer is too good to be true. Or may be we will have to wait until March 13 to really know what is this “surprise offer” for post-paid users that Airtel is talking about.Here is what we wrote earlier, before Airtel denied existence of any upcoming Rs 150 booster pack for 28GB data.The price war in India’s telecom industry after Jio’s entry shows no sign of abetting. Airtel, which is the biggest telecom company in India, and is the strongest competitor for Jio, is now planning to come with an offer that its postpaid users will not be able to refuse. According to reports, the company is planning to introduce a data booster pack of Rs 150 for its post-paid users that will give these users additional 28GB data per month.Also Read: Jio Prime, Airtel and Voda offer 28GB data for Rs 350: Tempting plans, but read the fine print

The new booster pack for post-paid users will be introduced on Holi that is March 13, reports TelecomTalk Info. Earlier Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal had said that the company will surprise its post-paid users with a new “surprise offer” that will be offered through the My Airtel app on March 13.

Recently, Airtel also seemingly introduced Rs 345 offer for its pre-paid subscribers. This Rs 345 recharge is supposed to give Airtel pre-paid consumers free unlimited domestic calls, free messages and 28GB data per month. This data can be used only with a limit of 1GB data per day and of that 1GB, 500MB data is only available between 3am and 5am.

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The post-paid offer via Rs 150 booster pack will be reportedly offered with the same conditions. This means essentially, users will 14GB additional data, while those who don’t mind staying between 3am and 5am will get additional 14GB data.

Unlike the pre-paid Rs 345 offer, which not many users have received, the Rs 150 offer will be reportedly available to all post paid users. At the same time, it is important to note that this is will be the booster pack. In other words, this means you won’t be able to get it as a standalone pack. You will have to combine it with one of the other post-paid plans. The one obvious pairing will be Airtel’s Infinity Plan for Rs 499, which gives users 3GB data along with free calls and messages. So in total, if you also get the booster pack, you will spend Rs 649 for 31GB data and free calls and free messages.

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Although fairly good, it may still not match Jio’s offers for Jio Prime members, which is providing users with Rs 303 plan that gives 28GB data with daily cap of 1GB and Rs 499 plan, which gives users 56GB data with 2GB plan.

After Airtel comes out with its plan for post-paid users, it is expected that Vodafone, Idea and others may come out with similar plans. In the last one week, the telecom industry in India has seen the data prices go in a free fall after Jio announced its Prime offers. Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal has said that Airtel will match Jio prices but has also warned that such low rates were unsustainable for the industry.

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